Hudson Radiator View

Hudson Radiator View
This is cool – recently enabled a Radiator view on Hudson, which gives you a quick at-a-glance build status array for display as extreme feedback on a wall or chart — seems particularly useful for distributed or distance teams if you’re willing to plug in a couple extra monitors to give them a huddle-room feel.

Maven, Tools.jar, and Macs

On the Mac, was using some maven build scripts (well, ANT wrapped in Maven) recently that had references to tools.jar. This is problematical on the mac, since Apple repackages tools.jar (some bits go in Classes.jar) and ironic since some of the classes are already available, so it’s an unecessary error. Some digging revealed a recipe ...

Safari 4.0 (Mac) Breaks Keychain

» [Safari 4] PubSubAgent wants access to KeyChain Tim’s Weblog: “” A bunch of support forum posts seem to confirm it too – that Safari 4 (possibly 4beta -> 4.0 upgrade) breaks the Keychain linkage — hopefully there’ll be a fix soon.

More Google Malware Woes

According to Safari 4 this blog is back on the Google malware list, though the Google Website Owner tools (which look neat) don’t appear to flag any warnings, and it’s not clear why that would be the case. The report sounds pretty innocuous, though oddly it shows up as being for:, which nslookup doesn’t report ...

Sakai Tools – Inside/Outside the Box

Some interesting sakai-ux discussion tied in with thoughts I’ve been having recently related to native vs. integrated services and content in portal-type environments… where do the lines get drawn, and how do you handle horizontal services? From a functionality/architecture point of view, the idea of loosly coupled integrations with external services like wikis, or Google ...