More Google Malware Woes

According to Safari 4 this blog is back on the Google malware list, though the Google Website Owner tools (which look neat) don’t appear to flag any warnings, and it’s not clear why that would be the case. The report sounds pretty innocuous, though oddly it shows up as being for:, which nslookup doesn’t report ...

Reinstalled WordPress

One too many upgrades introduced a little bit of weirdness — so I’ve reinstalled WordPress and things look great — one click installs make it pretty painless.

Rails Logo Tussels

Rethink: Beginning Rails: From Novice to Professional: But where does this leave individual developers/firms/companies who’ve used the logo to promote Rails services or Rails-based products? If the logo is a trademark (and it is), then shouldn’t everyone who’s used it in vain stop using it? I should think so, but it would be nice if ...



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