Rails Logo Tussels

Rethink: Beginning Rails: From Novice to Professional:

But where does this leave individual developers/firms/companies who’ve used the logo to promote Rails services or Rails-based products? If the logo is a trademark (and it is), then shouldn’t everyone who’s used it in vain stop using it? I should think so, but it would be nice if there were some kind of “logo program” to replace it—some kind of official “We Use Rails” logo with open-but-very specific licensing provisions to allow people to indicate that they use Rails, or that their product/book/service is about Rails, without necessarily claiming or implying approval by DHH.

I mean, when Engine Yard uses the logo, does that mean they’re an “approved” Rails host? Are they more or less “approved” than Dreamhost? If we’re talking about the logo as a protected trademark, then let’s not keep the discussion limited to books and conferences.

(Via nuby on rails.)

Interesting question for lots of organizations. I know a lot of groups are starting to develop sanctioned “affiliate”, “partner”, or other logo programs. Seems One incentive is the ability to then offer usage of a logo as a benefit to joining at some level.