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FCKEditor config.js pain

FCKEditor config.js pain
So… I was editing config.js to cut down the option from the default Sakai toolbar configuration for a Sakai build (which makes a huge diffence in being able to see stuff in the richTextAreas). I got burned for a while (well, 10 minutes anyway) due to Firefox and some aggressive JS caching. Did a bunch ...

Reinstalled WordPress

One too many upgrades introduced a little bit of weirdness — so I’ve reinstalled WordPress and things look great — one click installs make it pretty painless.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3 — I’m particularly interested in seeing how the new Tagging features work out (I’ve just been pasting Technorati tags into my entries), though I’m sure there’s other goodies here and there.

In Post Edit Links

I do enjoy the way that WordPress includes the edit links at the bottom of the posts if you’re logged in. It certainly makes editing existing entries simpler.