Crucible 2.1 Out

Crucible 2.1 also supports the new pre-commit review creation functionality recently added to the Atlassian IDE Connector for Eclipse. This plugin from Tasktop, the makers of Mylyn, is a must have for Eclipse users who use Crucible (or Bamboo, or JIRA, or FishEye). http://blogs.atlassian.com/devtools/2009/11/crucible21released.htmlлегла This looks pretty nice – pre-commit workflow is a nice addition – ...

Playing with Lifestream


CoolIris nee Piclens

Just updated their Safari plugin – seems to work great in Safari 4.0 Beta. Also added a nifty embedded flash viewer that has lots of the same visualizations and whatnot. This is pretty cool – I may have to replace my default Flickr photo bit with this…

Baby’s First Movie

Site Upgrades

I’ve been playing with a trial “Typepad”:http://www.typepad.com subscription, and while I think I enjoy the flexibility of using “Movabletype”:http://www.movabletype.org (specifically the plugin support) too much to leave, it has inspired me to work on a bit of a redesign-from-scratch. I’m probably going to go with a layout inspired by the mixed media layouts, but sticking ...