Safari 4.0 (Mac) Breaks Keychain

» [Safari 4] PubSubAgent wants access to KeyChain Tim’s Weblog: “” A bunch of support forum posts seem to confirm it too – that Safari 4 (possibly 4beta -> 4.0 upgrade) breaks the Keychain linkage — hopefully there’ll be a fix soon.


(Actually from last night during the flight, but then I got home…) As part of my new position for CampusEAI I’ve had a fairly aggressive travel schedule over the past few weeks (the cost of not relocating). It has however forced me to become much more closely acquainted with the airlines (and Continental in particular) ...

Blackboard Won. Making the case for open source

Blackboard Won:This just in A Texas jury has found Kitchener software company Desire2Learn Inc. guilty of infringing on an American competitor’s patent.The verdict, announced this afternoon, allows Blackboard Inc. to demand a ban on sales of Desire2Learn’s products in the United States. (Via e-Literate.)Michael F. isn’t the only one who’s speechless at this decision. The ...

Reinstalled WordPress

One too many upgrades introduced a little bit of weirdness — so I’ve reinstalled WordPress and things look great — one click installs make it pretty painless.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

Upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3 — I’m particularly interested in seeing how the new Tagging features work out (I’ve just been pasting Technorati tags into my entries), though I’m sure there’s other goodies here and there.