Google releases Wave protocol implementation source code – Ars Technica

Google releases Wave protocol implementation source code – Ars Technica: “At the Google I/O conference earlier this year, the search giant revealed an intriguing new communication service called Wave that aims to deliver concurrent messaging and collaborative editing in a single cohesive environment. The underlying Wave Federation Protocol is designed to make it possible for ...

BDD with easyb

Recently I’ve grown increasingly fond of the concepts embodied in the “Behavior Driven Development” (BDD) outgrowth of “Test Driven Development” (TDD) and “Domain Driven Design” (DDD) . BDD is a neat twist on TDD and DDD that strives to more closely tie automated tests with both the “ubiquitous language” terminology espoused in DDD, along with ...

Hudson Radiator View

Hudson Radiator View
This is cool – recently enabled a Radiator view on Hudson, which gives you a quick at-a-glance build status array for display as extreme feedback on a wall or chart — seems particularly useful for distributed or distance teams if you’re willing to plug in a couple extra monitors to give them a huddle-room feel.

Maven, Tools.jar, and Macs

On the Mac, was using some maven build scripts (well, ANT wrapped in Maven) recently that had references to tools.jar. This is problematical on the mac, since Apple repackages tools.jar (some bits go in Classes.jar) and ironic since some of the classes are already available, so it’s an unecessary error. Some digging revealed a recipe ...

Playing with Lifestream