CoolIris nee Piclens

Just updated their Safari plugin – seems to work great in Safari 4.0 Beta. Also added a nifty embedded flash viewer that has lots of the same visualizations and whatnot. This is pretty cool – I may have to replace my default Flickr photo bit with this…

Friday Snowfall

Friday Snowfall
Loading the kids in the car The front yard

From Twitter: Facebook Meets Life Realities

Its a bit creepy when Facebook shows you the birthday of a friend who has passed away. The FB kids weren’t thinking about death and divorce. http://twitter.com/gwachob

Jasig CAS4

Listening to Scott talk about CAS4 work and effort. Core items he’s mentioned look to be: * Redesigned to better support non-CAS protocols (e.g. SAML, etc.) * Increased emphasis on SAML as a product * Better admin tools (service administration, workflow for registering services) * Eased configuration (w/o needing to edit deployerContext.xml) * Better extension ...

At Jasig Dallas

In Dallas at the Jasig Conference, getting ready for the Board meeting where we’ll be looking at licensing, incubation, and some other strategic concerns related to open-source in HigherEd. Already had some great conversations about CAS & credential replay, Peoplesoft integration, and open-source economics & dynamics. P.S. Ian Dolphin clarified over beers last night that ...