Matt Raible JA-SIG Keynote

This post is me catching up with my podcasting from the JA-SIG Summer 2007 Conference in Denver. Matt Raible did a rendition of his Java Frameworks talk, discussing his experience with the various Java web frameworks. I’ve attached an (OK) audio transcript of the talk, which Matt also blogged about at: http://raibledesigns.com/rd/entry/ja_sig_comparing_java_web where he also ...

Reinstalled WordPress

One too many upgrades introduced a little bit of weirdness — so I’ve reinstalled WordPress and things look great — one click installs make it pretty painless.

GMail Supports IMAP

Just logged into my GMail account and noticed that IMAP is now supported — configured into Apple mail and seems to be working like a charm 🙂 — this may be enough to get me to switch to Google Apps for the whole shebang when it makes its way over there.

Mix: AAPL, Canada, Jacuzzi, EMI, Unlock

Mix: AAPL, Canada, Jacuzzi, EMI, Unlock: The Copyright Board of Canada has approved a new tax on music downloads from iTunes and other online retailers. Retroactive to 1996, the tax means Apple will have to pay 3.1 cents for each music file they sell, or 1.5 cents per track for complete albums, to SOCAN (the ...

Unlocking N75

I got into the UK and one of the first things I wanted to do was to unlock my AT&T cell phone so that I could use it with a local SIM card. Afterall, being able to take my phone internationally was one of the main benefits of switching to a GSM provider. Getting the ...