Unlocking N75

I got into the UK and one of the first things I wanted to do was to unlock my AT&T cell phone so that I could use it with a local SIM card. Afterall, being able to take my phone internationally was one of the main benefits of switching to a GSM provider.

Getting the unlock code was relatively painless – especially compared to the pain I incurred with LNP because my current billing address is in a different market from the one I originally got my numbers from (my parent’s address). *That* particular saga took several weeks, 3 sets of temp numbers, and some account/address shenanigans, but eventually got resolved.

My biggest problem unlocking the N75 was actually figuring out how to enter the unlock code I was provided with — there’s a magic key combination you need to get the “enter unlock code” dialog to pop up, but Google proved to be my friend there. I would post here to share others pain, but unfortunately Google appears to only have liked me on that day…