GMail Supports IMAP

Just logged into my GMail account and noticed that IMAP is now supported — configured into Apple mail and seems to be working like a charm 🙂 — this may be enough to get me to switch to Google Apps for the whole shebang when it makes its way over there.

Avoid Looking like Spam

Netiquette Matters ~ Articles # Always include an appropriate, short and accurate SUBJECT:. Many times Spam does not have a SUBJECT: and many email programs auto delete these to Junk/Trash. I receive so many subjectless emails, I no longer take the time to look through all of them to determine “if” one is a legitimate ...

Kantor on One-time Emails

One-Time-Use E-Mail Addresses – You sign up with a address company (e.g., “NoSpam.com”) that you give your real address to. When you need to provide a valid e-mail address on a site, you click a button and NoSpam would instantly generate an address — maybe “x43gti@akantor.nospam.com.” Ugly? Yeah. But who cares? You could specify how ...