Matt Raible JA-SIG Keynote

This post is me catching up with my podcasting from the JA-SIG Summer 2007 Conference in Denver. Matt Raible did a rendition of his Java Frameworks talk, discussing his experience with the various Java web frameworks. I’ve attached an (OK) audio transcript of the talk, which Matt also blogged about at: http://raibledesigns.com/rd/entry/ja_sig_comparing_java_web where he also ...

JA-SIG Conference: Matt Asay Keynote

> “Connected world, Connected Software”, “Open source produces better software” (81% of respondents via Gartner) Matt’s perspective on focusing innovation on the “last mile” plays well with my thoughts on focusing on delivering institutional value. It’s interesting in that he combines that perspective with the pitch that open-source empowers you to build software to suit ...

JA-SIG Conference: Phil Windley Digital Identity Keynote

Listening to Phil’s keynote. Will be trying to post video and audio at some point — in the meantime, there’s a good thread about reputation and privacy. *Update:* Posted very rough audio recording of the keynote, also available as part of the podcast.

Macworld Wishlist

Macworld Wish List for Steve by David Miller – Macworld SF is like a second Christmas for many Mac users. And it all begins with Steve’s keynote address. What new goodies are in store for this coming year? Here’s a wish list from Mac DevCenter writers. [MacDevCenter]

Panther Fast User Switching

p. David Every has some criticisms of Apple’s new Panther Operating system, that in many ways seem unfounded in an article at www.iGeek.com.