Hobsons CRM Supporting CAS

PR-GB.com… News from origin – Hobsons Debuts Full CAS Integration at CGS Annual Meeting: “” (Via Google.) Another vendor server higher-ed supporting CAS out of the box can only be a good thing easing integration across the board.

JA-SIG Conference: Future of Identity Management in HigherEd

Jens’s talk is focusing on Identity Management where he’s focusing on life-cycle of identity data. Looks like the talk is going to focus on moving towards user-centered identity.”Access to the right resources, to the right users, at the right time” — focused on providing, not preventing access (e.g. from a security perspective). Authentication vs. Authorization ...

JA-SIG Conference: Phil Windley Digital Identity Keynote

Listening to Phil’s keynote. Will be trying to post video and audio at some point — in the meantime, there’s a good thread about reputation and privacy. *Update:* Posted very rough audio recording of the keynote, also available as part of the podcast.

ongoing · OpenID at Work

ongoing · OpenID at Work – This caused a GIGANTIC thread on the identity-gang list that got back to the question of implicit authorization off of an authentication source. I know when I was looking at Rutgers IdM infrastructure, assumptions about what having a credential meant was a serious barrier to then expanding issuing of ...

ACEGI supports OpenID

Blogroll: Acegi OpenID, Wicket Roadmap – O’Reilly ONJava Blog On the ACEGI developer list this morning, Ray Krueger announces OpenID support in ACEGI thanks to the efforts of Robin Bramley. If you don’t know what OpenID is yet, learn more about it over at http://openid.net. Also, some analysis of OpenID from Tim Bray (from Feb).” ...