Hobsons CRM Supporting CAS

PR-GB.com… News from origin – Hobsons Debuts Full CAS Integration at CGS Annual Meeting: “” (Via Google.) Another vendor server higher-ed supporting CAS out of the box can only be a good thing easing integration across the board.

Portals and LMSs (and Collaboration, SIS, Library, and other Suites)

Clay from Georgia Tech shot me an email recently which spurred me to try and put to words how my thinking has evolved about the relationship of an enterprise portal and Sakai, and where these technologies and communities are heading. In general I think the focus of “enterprise portals” has always been one of integration ...

JA-SIG Conference: Future of Identity Management in HigherEd

Jens’s talk is focusing on Identity Management where he’s focusing on life-cycle of identity data. Looks like the talk is going to focus on moving towards user-centered identity.”Access to the right resources, to the right users, at the right time” — focused on providing, not preventing access (e.g. from a security perspective). Authentication vs. Authorization ...

Kuali Infrastructure Suite

Building components aimed at serving needs of Kuali (Finance, Research, Student?), but hopefully reusable in other contexts. Kuali Rice – middleware to facilitate workflow, ESB, notification “Nervous System” “Rice Client” tied into ESB to pass around real-time messages and communication. One of the goals seems to be to limit the amount of Java code in ...

Writely Test

Testing of Writely Interested to see how this is going to go overall, whether you could really use a distributed, lightweight word processor for all your data. This is another test.