Desire2Blog: Sakai Seems to Think It’s Over

Desire2Blog: Sakai Seems to Think It’s Over: Maybe Sakai thinks they are finished with this thing, but I’m pretty sure that D2L, SFLC, Blackboard, and all the other players are expecting it to continue on for quite some time. It could very well be that their input from this point forward will be minimal or ...

SakaiCon: NYC Regional Sakai User Group

I just sat on a panel talking about some of the ongoings at the regional groups around Sakai — California, Australia, the Netherlands, and of course NYC. Sounds like there’s starting to be a lot of activity around certain areas. It was interesting to see that many of the regional organizations were very event-focused, almost ...

uPortal Catalyst Award Video

Eric posted the video from uPortal’s EDUCAUSE Catalyst award onto Youtube:

Where Congress spends $$$

Now on Google Earth: Map where Congress spends your tax dollars | Tech news blog – CNET News.com “The Sunlight Foundation on Tuesday released a downloadable Google Earth layer that plots what it says are some 1,500 earmarks attached to a proposed U.S. House of Representatives defense spending bill. The Washington-based group describes its mission ...

Joey Day : Syzygy » The machine is us

Joey Day : Syzygy » The machine is us This is the second time I’ve seen this video in the past 2 days. First Bart showed it at our internal meeting yesterday, and then it showed up randomly in a Technorati tag link. It *is* cool though.