Desire2Blog: Sakai Seems to Think It’s Over

Desire2Blog: Sakai Seems to Think It’s Over:

Maybe Sakai thinks they are finished with this thing, but I’m pretty sure that D2L, SFLC, Blackboard, and all the other players are expecting it to continue on for quite some time. It could very well be that their input from this point forward will be minimal or less. However, their press announcement makes it sound like the whole thing is over. Clearly, that is not the case.

While I’ve not been directly involved in the D2L/Blackboard patent or legal proceedings, I did want to chime in. Many schools that I’ve talked too (and I think the gist of what Michael’s comments reflected) while they recognize that the legal process will drag on for quite a long time, see the likely invalidation as a huge step. Much of the uncertainty expressed by some of our members, or people we’ve talked with recently has been eased, now that the legal shadow looks likely to be removed.

Having said that, Barry is right to point out that this case isn’t over, and I’m sure our edupatents crusaders would be quick to point out that even after this case is over, this particular wave is unlikely to recede any time soon.

Update: Michael Feldstein covered this situation, and how the process is related in terms of Sakai, SFLC, and others in his usual impressive detail.