From Twitter: Facebook Meets Life Realities

Its a bit creepy when Facebook shows you the birthday of a friend who has passed away. The FB kids weren’t thinking about death and divorce. http://twitter.com/gwachob

ITWeb :Unisa embraces Microsoft

ITWeb :Unisa embraces Microsoft: “[ Johannesburg, 3 December 2008 ] – At a time when many public organisations are migrating to open source solutions – the University of SA (Unisa) has chosen to embrace Microsoft. From 2009, registered students at Unisa will be required to sign up for a Microsoft-provided e-mail service. The free e-mail ...

Hobsons CRM Supporting CAS

PR-GB.com… News from origin – Hobsons Debuts Full CAS Integration at CGS Annual Meeting: “” (Via Google.) Another vendor server higher-ed supporting CAS out of the box can only be a good thing easing integration across the board.

Don’t Stop at Gmail | The Hoya

Don’t Stop at Gmail | The Hoya: “Georgetown has never been on the cutting edge of technology. Changes to our e-mail system and wireless service have come slowly, and the university is still in the process of revamping data security following a major security breach last semester. Here is an opportunity to cut costs without ...

On Google’s Malware List

A week or so ago, I got an email from a friend: ????????Just in case you haven’t noticed this yet, Google links to jay.shao.org now include warnings about malware: Jason E. Shao » Blog Archive » Sakai SVN Vendor Branch Outcome This site may harm your computer. Jul 17, 2007 … Soo… yesterday I completed ...