$2 mil spilled on Turnpike

> It wasn’t pennies from heaven but an > estimated $2 million in cash and coins > that spilled across the New Jersey > Turnpike in Carteret last night after an > armored car crashed into a guardrail and > flipped, spewing its cargo. > “It’s a madhouse. There’s money everywhere,” said > Turnpike spokesman ...

Opened a 529 Plan

Opened a 529 Plan
Opened a 529 plan for the little one yesterday. Our selection process basically came down to 2 choices: the USAA College Savings Plan (which allows [UPromise][] contributions) and the [NJBEST][] plan which has the advantage of a $1500 scholarship for school in NJ if you contribute enough. Right now the tipping decision for us was ...

Baby Photos

I’ve been reorganizing my site recently, so if you’re looking for the links to photos of little Christian, you can view them at: http://gallery.shao.org/main.php?g2_view=core:ShowItem&g2_itemId=796

New Christian Photos

I’ve posted several new pictures of Christian at home, and playing with Lisa’s parents. I have some more of the little guy with my parents and some friends that I’ll post later today. He’s doing pretty well at home, keeping his mom up with his constant demand for food. The hospital gave us a chart ...

Christian & Mommy are Home

Christian and Lisa made it back from the hospital yesterday So far everything has been pretty good with Chris doing lots of babyish tasks. 🙂 Eating, sleeping, filling all those pesky empty diapers. He’s been a pretty good baby — though he definitely lets us know when there’s something cold and wet down there.