$2 mil spilled on Turnpike

> It wasn’t pennies from heaven but an
> estimated $2 million in cash and coins
> that spilled across the New Jersey
> Turnpike in Carteret last night after an
> armored car crashed into a guardrail and
> flipped, spewing its cargo.

> “It’s a madhouse. There’s money everywhere,” said
> Turnpike spokesman Joe Orlando, who was on the scene.
> “We’re in the toll collection business and I’ve never
> seen so much money.”


Lisa and I passed by this on Monday night, but sadly were not rewarded with part of the cash. According to the [followup article](http://www.nj.com/search/index.ssf?/base/news-7/109704308754290.xml?starledger?nnj) 95% of the money was recovered, but that still means $100,000 are floating around the turnpike somewhere. Sadly, none of that money ended up on our windshield, though we did see all kinds of recovery vehicles and whatnot at the site.