Opened a 529 Plan


Opened a 529 plan for the little one yesterday. Our selection process basically came down to 2 choices: the USAA College Savings Plan (which allows [UPromise][] contributions) and the [NJBEST][] plan which has the advantage of a $1500 scholarship for school in NJ if you contribute enough. Right now the tipping decision for us was that we had $58 sitting in a [UPromise][] account thanks to switching to a Citibank Upromise credit card.

Since switching to the card has basically given us UPromise contributions without any behavior modification required, it’s been a good deal as far as I’m concerned.

[USAA]: “USAA Federal Savings Bank”
[NJBest]: “NJBest 529 Savings Plan”
[UPromise]: “UPromise”