Broken Layout

I’m not sure why the layout currently seems to be broken. I’ll be investigating as I investigate more of WordPress in general. _UPDATE:_ The broken layout was caused by text in an entry where angled brackets were not being escaped properly. The NYTimes uses “&rt;” in their article titles, but wordpress did not escape them ...


I’m strongly considering moving to WordPress from Movabletype mostly as I’ve never been able to successfully configure comment spam blocking in MT.

Gainfully Employed

Gainfully Employed
As you can see by the orgchart above, I have accepted an offer of employment from Rutgers University Office of Information Technology. I’m working full-time as of 1/26/2005, and will be working on the myRutgers Portal among other projects. You can see me reporting to the “vacant” box in the lower right hand corner. Although ...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! ![christmas card](http://jay.shao.org/images/2004-12-25-christmas.png “Christmas Card”)

Baby’s First Movie