JA-SIG Projects in Action

John Lewis from Unicon talked about open-source in Universities. Higher Ed has an extremely complex, dynamic, organizational structures. uPortal has grouping and other mechanisms which are more sophisticated than other projects, battle tested for large and sophisticated higher-ed deployments. CAS was one of the first systems, has features like Proxy Auth that no one else ...

Rutgers UBC_Webmail Modifications

Rutgers UBC_Webmail Modifications
George Lindholm wrote: I’m starting some work on the UBC Webmail channel as part of our 2.0.3 to 2.5.x upgrade project. George — I’ve responded inline to get notes on the list, there’s a blog version of this online at: which has pictures which is probably much simpler to get a feel for what I’m ...

Flock Test

I’m testing out the Flock Social browser.  Basically a souped up Firefox with build in blog editors, del.icio.us and Flickr integration.  So far seems snappy and fairly polished. technorati tags: net, browser

Wednesday at the Latest

At today’s doctor’s visit they told us to they were going to set up an appointment to induce labor next wednesday at 39 weeks if the babies haven’t come yet. The irony of scheduling to induce the babies on Lisa’s birthday is rather odd.

Writely Test

Testing of Writely Interested to see how this is going to go overall, whether you could really use a distributed, lightweight word processor for all your data. This is another test.