ICE – In Case of Emergency

via email: > The idea follows research carried out by Vodafone that shows more than > 75 per cent of people carry no details of who they would like > telephoned following a serious accident. > > Bob, 41, who has been a paramedic for 13 years, said: “I was reflecting on > some of ...

New Baby Photos

I finally got around to doing a dump off the digital camera, and posted 30 or so new photos into [Chris’s online photo gallery](http://gallery.shao.org/Christian). He’s gotten to be quite active, creeping & crawling away. Hopefully I’ll have some new photos showing his new pastime of climbing on mommy and daddy soon. Enjoy!

In Post Edit Links

I do enjoy the way that WordPress includes the edit links at the bottom of the posts if you’re logged in. It certainly makes editing existing entries simpler.

$2 mil spilled on Turnpike

> It wasn’t pennies from heaven but an > estimated $2 million in cash and coins > that spilled across the New Jersey > Turnpike in Carteret last night after an > armored car crashed into a guardrail and > flipped, spewing its cargo. > “It’s a madhouse. There’s money everywhere,” said > Turnpike spokesman ...

Opened a 529 Plan

Opened a 529 Plan
Opened a 529 plan for the little one yesterday. Our selection process basically came down to 2 choices: the USAA College Savings Plan (which allows [UPromise][] contributions) and the [NJBEST][] plan which has the advantage of a $1500 scholarship for school in NJ if you contribute enough. Right now the tipping decision for us was ...