Portlets2008 and CampusEAI Annual Conference Recap

>ландшафт. the exhaustion that was the combined CampusEAI Portlets2008 and Annual conference is now behind us, and it seems like time for some reflections and observations. Hopefully some of these items will be items which I expand upon at a future date, but in no particular order, dumped straight from my brain: * JSR-168 is ...

Melete 2.4 Upgrades

Working on upgrading from Melete 2.3 – 2.4. The code merges are reasonable, though there’s a pretty good number of small patches that need to go into Sakai from trunk (really wish there was a 2.3.2 that I could just update to instead of having to grab all the individual patches 😉 While I like ...

Sakai Conference: Moving from a Commercial Env. to Sakai

Jeshua Pacifici talked a bit about his experiences migrating from Blackboard to Sakai. Very broad detail focused, less information on the technical and detail sides of migrations (e.g. how to get Courses/Projects out of Blackboard). High level overview of some benefits, caveats, and others.