JRuby on Rails WARs

At Portlets2007 I was talking with Greg from St. Thomas about Rails, and he showed me a Rails app he had deployed out using JDeveloper and OC4J — basically Rails inside a WAR file. Very cool — and apparently easy enough to do that he got it working *during* my session on PortletMVC. Not sure ...

Windley Post w/Microforomat vevent in NNW

This was so cool: Phil Windley’s publishing event references as microformats (hevent) in his blog posts, and NNW picked them up and created a little “add to iCal” button. This was so cool I had to ping Phil about it: I’m excited that it worked! I’m playing with it. I just wrote an Emacs function ...

Joey Day : Syzygy » The machine is us

Joey Day : Syzygy » The machine is us This is the second time I’ve seen this video in the past 2 days. First Bart showed it at our internal meeting yesterday, and then it showed up randomly in a Technorati tag link. It *is* cool though.

GE Imagination at Work

[Imagination at Work! CUBED](http://www.imaginationcubed.com) is a VERY cool Flash applicatin by people at GE to do collaborative whiteboarding. The cool thing is they’ve built in chatting, basic drawing, and a way to invite people to ongoing sessions via either email or IM. Very neat.

Moving to Markdown

I’ve started using John Gruber’s Markdown. While I’ve been a fan of the [Textile](http://www.textism.com/textile) system for a while, Markdown’s sytax feels cleaner to me, particularly when you’re looking at it in plain text. The main purpose of the various markup generators to me seems to be to ensure that your formatting distracts as little from ...