JRuby on Rails WARs

At Portlets2007 I was talking with Greg from St. Thomas about Rails, and he showed me a Rails app he had deployed out using JDeveloper and OC4J — basically Rails inside a WAR file. Very cool — and apparently easy enough to do that he got it working *during* my session on PortletMVC. Not sure if that means it was *really* easy, or my session wasn’t that interesting 😉

This seems particularly relevant given Thoughtworks announcement that their new Mingle Agile Development product is a RoR app that they’re planning on deploying using JRuby — initially with an embedded Jetty as an app, but for 1.1 as a WAR file. Going forward, I wonder if this kind of ‘blackbox’ approach will allow Ruby to start penetrating the enterprise. Afterall, even Rutgers which likes to take enterprise apps and muck with them all over the place bought some .Net and PHP apps and treated them like appliances, which seems to be a growing trend.

Update: http://blogs.sun.com/arungupta/entry/mephisto_on_glassfish_v3#comments has a demo of getting Mephisto up and running on Glassfish — so this definitely seems to be getting traction.