Arnold Schwarzennegar as Governor

Arnold Schwarzennegar has ended speculation by declaring that he will run for California’s governorship. It should prove to be an interesting race.

Darwin Awards Pt. 2

An interesting compilation, as it also addresses commonly circulated bits of info with questionable basis in reality.

Robots to Take Over US Economy by 2050?

Marshall Brain, the creater of the How Stuff Works website has written a piece discussing his belief that Humanoid Robots will take over the American Economy by 2050. His claim is that advances in robotics will produce humanoid robots that will increasingly replace humans at lower-income jobs due to their lower operating costs, producing millions ...

TypePad vs. Movabletype

I’ve been experimenting with Typepad, and it has led me to branch out into running my own Movabletype installation on a Dreamhost account. So far I appreciate the slickness of Typepad as a service, but it’s not finished yet. One of the greatest reatures of Movabletype seems to be its ability to be customized into ...

Moved the site

I’ve moved this site off of TypePad onto my own server. Mostly I’ve done this because I want to become more familiar with the internals of the Movable Type program, and better understand how everything works.