Weblogs ARE a tool in Politics

Dave Winer writes in his weblog about how political campaigns are not taking advantage of weblogging because they tend to only present points from one point of view – that of the campaign. He advocates inclusiveness and linking to all points of view. I think Dave is confusing politicking with running a political discussion site.

British IRS has Sense of Humor

p. “(extlink)Adam Smith Institute Blog”:http://www.adamsmithblog.org republished a “(extlink)letter reprinted in the Guardian”:http://www.guardian.co.uk/guardian_jobs_and_money/story/0,3605,1050281,00.html from the British Tax Collection Agency in response to an irate letter from someone owing taxes. It’s quite funny, and certainly more humorous than an American response from the IRS.

MIT OpenCourseWare Made in India

p. “(extlink)Philip Greenspun’s Weblog”:http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/philg/ discusses the shock that some “(extlink)MIT”:http://www.mit.edu students at a presentation about the implementation of the “(extlink)OpenCourseWare”:http://ocw.mit.edu project, where it was revealed that much of the programming for the project was performed in India.

Daily Targum Redesign

“The Daily Targum”:http://www.dailytargum.com at “Rutgers-New Brunswick”:http://www.rutgers.edu has undergone a new redesign for this year. While the new coverpage looks cleaner and somewhat more attractive, I think many of the interior pages look less professional and the new styles are inconsistantly applied.

Robots to Take Over US Economy by 2050?

Marshall Brain, the creater of the How Stuff Works website has written a piece discussing his belief that Humanoid Robots will take over the American Economy by 2050. His claim is that advances in robotics will produce humanoid robots that will increasingly replace humans at lower-income jobs due to their lower operating costs, producing millions ...