Kazaa to Legally Distribute Bollywood Film

p. According to a News.com “(extlink)story”:http://rss.com.com/2100-1026_3-5106829.html “(extlink)Kazaa”:http://www.kazaa.com is working with a Bollywood movie house to legally distribute a film and its soundtrack. This is quite possibly one of the smartest (and most economically rewarding moves) that they could take.

Daily Devotional – 11/6

p. Today’s devotional was 2 Timothy 2 , Jeremiah 7-8 , Psalm 122 . In 2 Timothy 2 Paul touches again on everyday models for Christians. Jeremiah tells the Israelites that the Temple will not save them if their behavior continues to be foul. Psalm 122 rejoices in the Temple of God and calls for ...

Daily Devotional – 11/3

p. Today’s devotional was 1 Timothy 5:1-22 , Jeremiah 1-2 , Psalm 119:145-176 . Faith and charity seem to be the recurring themes today. Paul discusses proper treatment of widows, Jeremiah tells the story of Israel turning from God, and Psalms asks for God’s forgiveness and mercy.

Eric Eldred Act

Many librarians, historians, and others have become increasingly concerned at the ever-expanding reach of copyright (and patent law for that matter) both in bredth and length. The Eric Eldred is a movement to put in place an easy system to speed the transition of commercial works that authors are not recieving value from into the ...

The Italian Job

All in all, I thought the film Italian Job was great, and definitely satisfying in terms of entertainment value. It’s fast paced, and has enough cleverness and plot twists to keep me happy.