Daily Devotional – 11/3

p. Today’s devotional was 1 Timothy 5:1-22 , Jeremiah 1-2 , Psalm 119:145-176 . Faith and charity seem to be the recurring themes today. Paul discusses proper treatment of widows, Jeremiah tells the story of Israel turning from God, and Psalms asks for God’s forgiveness and mercy.

p. Paul places a young man (Timothy) into a difficult position when he asks him to make judgments regarding widows. A young man with no authority is called upon to help and support the destitute, but also to prevent the idle from taking advantage of and straining the resources of the church. He follows the track of many great teachers over time, including Jesus and Confucius by placing duties and relationships to fellows in the context of family commitments. Again, Paul emphasizes the teachings of Jesus that compassion and mercy towards others are key elements in attempting to follow in the footsteps of Christ.

p. Jeremiah was another young man called to service, and like Timothy, he often felt overwhelmed. Jeremiah was tasked with warning the Kings and notables that they were about to be destroyed by Babylon and taken into captivity for forsaking the God who had delivered them out of Egypt. It talks much about the duty and responsibility to respond to the call of God, though the task may not be either easy or popular. Many of the transgressions of Judah written about in the Old Testament seem to have returned in modern secular society. Somehow, though the question of following God’s will and teaching feels more difficult in the context of the Present.