McCormick Admits Affair

p. The “(extlink)NYTimes”:http://www.nytimes.com posted an article titled: Denial Over, Rutgers President Admits Affair in Previous Job regarding “(extlink)Rutgers”:http://www.rutgers.edu President Richard McCormick’s rumored but denied affair with a subordinate while at the University of Washington.

bq. “Today I want to express publicly my deep shame and regret at the grave personal mistake I made while serving as president of the University of Washington,” Dr. McCormick told a news conference at the main Rutgers campus in New Brunswick. “I regret the embarrassment these actions may bring upon the community of Rutgers and the University of Washington.”

p. In addition, according to the board of Regents at the “(extlink)University of Washington”:http://www.washington.edu rumors of the affair paid a factor in encouraging Dr. McCormick’s move to Rutgers.