Compiling Java 1.6 projects using Maven on Mac OS X

Compiling Java 1.6 projects using Maven on Mac OS X This makes much sense (took a few minutes though) had my JVM defaulted to JDK 5 from Eclipse 3.4 which wouldn’t run on the 64-bit Java 6 VM – easy fix though – personally I prefer changing the symlinks in /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.Framework/ to point to the ...

More Google Wave Invites

Got another batch of Google Wave invites – drop me a line if you need them.

2 Google Voice Invites Left

Get them while they’re hot – 2 Google Voice invites left… Update: This batch all gone – will let people know if I get another group.

Congratulations to the New Sakai Board Members

RT @mkorcuska: Congrats to @mfeldstein67 @drchuck, @_ieb_, and Maggie Lynch on election to Sakai Board Congratulations to all, and sounds like the future is well in hand…

Crucible 2.1 Out

Crucible 2.1 also supports the new pre-commit review creation functionality recently added to the Atlassian IDE Connector for Eclipse. This plugin from Tasktop, the makers of Mylyn, is a must have for Eclipse users who use Crucible (or Bamboo, or JIRA, or FishEye). http://blogs.atlassian.com/devtools/2009/11/crucible21released.htmlлегла This looks pretty nice – pre-commit workflow is a nice addition – ...