uPortal 3.0 GA Released

uPortal 3.0 GA (General Availability) was released recently, congratulations to the entire team (and especially Eric from UW-Madison) for all their hard work and efforts.

Desire2Blog: Sakai Seems to Think It’s Over

Desire2Blog: Sakai Seems to Think It’s Over: Maybe Sakai thinks they are finished with this thing, but I’m pretty sure that D2L, SFLC, Blackboard, and all the other players are expecting it to continue on for quite some time. It could very well be that their input from this point forward will be minimal or ...

Portals and LMSs (and Collaboration, SIS, Library, and other Suites)

Clay from Georgia Tech shot me an email recently which spurred me to try and put to words how my thinking has evolved about the relationship of an enterprise portal and Sakai, and where these technologies and communities are heading. In general I think the focus of “enterprise portals” has always been one of integration ...

“Blackboard may lose its patent…”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a preliminary decision Tuesday that would invalidate Blackboard Inc.’s patent on its e-learning management systems. (Via

JSR-286 is Official – Does it matter?

JSR-286 (the next generation Portlet specification) was approved last week. The major new features of version 2.0 include: * Events – enabling a portlet to send and receive events and perform state changes or send further events as a result of processing an event * Public render parameters – allowing portlets to share parameters with ...