Textile Plug-in

p. I’ve installed “Brad Choate’s”:http://www.bradchoate.com/past/mttextile.php MT-Textile Plugin and am experimenting with taking my entries further in the direction of structured text. The Textile language, developed by Dean Allen and expounded in his “Textism”:http://textism.com website seems to me to be a much needed shorthand for properly using some of the many HTML constructs which exist, but ...

Macs & MT

Michael Hanscom and some other people have finally started to post on something that increasingly has surprised me, and that is the level of Mac penetration into the Movabletype user community. (or is it the penetration of MT with those using Macs) When browsing Mac oriented blogs, a strong majority of them clearly are powered ...

Automated Loo

Wired News has an article discussing the spread of automated toilets to America. While on the face of it this article may seem humerous, I think this is exactly the kind of application of technology and robotics that we will see proliferating as opposed to Marshall Brain’s commentary “Robotic Nation”.

Georgy for Governor

/. describes her as a “hottie” who uses Linux. Personally I think it sounds eerily like a potential plot for the next “Legally Blonde” movie. Though I solidly support the concept of grassroots political movements, I think that the reality of the world is that it’s very difficult to reach large number of voting people ...

Gentoo Linux

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finally put together a complete Gentoo Linux system to work on and build my *NIX skills on. I’ll keep everyone updated on how my experiences and experiments go.