uP3 Day 1: Download & Install

Downloading uP3 quickstart was easy enough. Faizan exported RC1 from SVN and imported it into our CVS repository. build.properties seems not to have made it — maybe some kind of .cvsignore filter he had on Eclipse when he did the initial checkin.

Tried hooking up to Oracle, ran into problems… Spent 30 min or so until I figured out that DBLoader probably has some more string sniffing for particular DB configs — it does.

Especially seems to be a problem with Oracle cause of all the ways their dbVersion string very — not sure if Oracle does that for products, or if it’s convention for DBAs.

Eric was saying most of uP3 dev has been against HSQL, so there could be Oracle bugs. Spent like 2 hours overall looking at the DB reconfig – got the version string matched correctly, and the app starts up, but going to the uP3 rendering context still produces errors when trying to load up the ‘renderingAttributeProviders’ beans. Going to look at it with Eric tomorrow.