uP3 Day 2: Oracle & Users

Well, only got a couple of hours today to crack on uP3, but did manage to get it running on Oracle. After fixing the dbLoader thing, today it looks like everything is working (numerous restarts and cleans later). So, then went to add some users, which requires… manual SQL.

Adding users required inserting rows into:


Ended up editing data.xml and gap-init.xml to ensure my added people stay next time I blow away the database. There’s only one template user right now, configured in the uP2.xml context file — but Eric said copying permissions isn’t implemented yet. Also not sure if auto-creating users has been implemented yet. And passwords are stored in the db in the clear.

So… a few rough edges. Course once I inserted a few rows, the users went in, and it cheered my heart (in a sick way) to see that the default 4,14 groups for developers and admin are still the same. Faizan was trying to get PersonDirectory wired up — he *thinks* it may be in, but isn’t sure, and him and Scott were poring over trying to get ACEGI configured to authenticate with CAS. I think they were making progress, but got some kind of error with the securityContext — maybe a whitelist issue?

Also, PersonDirectory doesn’t yet pass attributes to portlets (next week?) — hopefully there’s enough there to get GAP up and running with PAGS groups.

I think next is continued work on PD & GAPS, trying to get some sample layouts published (hopefully not through editing data.xml) and possibly an initial port of the RU theme.