Baby Video

I’ve posted an older video of Chris that we took at Lisa’s parents house. I just discovered Flickr a few weeks ago (well, re-discovered, guess that puts me on the trail of the Web 2.0 crowd) so of course YouTube seems like the logical next step. So… here it is:

Outsourcing to… Georgia?

The New York Times – New Report Says Outsourcing Causes 9% of U.S. Layoffs bq.. The bulk of outsourced jobs never leave U.S. shores, the government said on Thursday in a new report suggesting concerns over American workers losing jobs to cheaper foreign labor may be exaggerated. Nine percent of non-seasonal U.S. layoffs in the ...

Cameraphone Barcode Scanners!

Camera Phones Help Buyers Beware – with a camera phone that is also a bar-code scanner, you can go into a store like Barnes & Noble, take a photo of the ISBN number on a book and instantly receive a coupon offering the book for 30 percent less at Amazon.com,” said Attia. [ “(extlink)Wired News”:http://www.wired.com ...