Outsourcing to… Georgia?

The New York Times – New Report Says Outsourcing Causes 9% of U.S. Layoffs

bq.. The bulk of outsourced jobs never leave U.S. shores, the government said on Thursday in a new report suggesting concerns over American workers losing jobs to cheaper foreign labor may be exaggerated.

Nine percent of non-seasonal U.S. layoffs in the first quarter were due to outsourcing, but less than a third of the work was sent overseas, the U.S. Labor Department said in releasing new figures on mass layoffs and outsourcing.

p. This kind of report makes me wonder how much of outsourcing is going to places like Georgia, or North Carolina, and simply reflects the rest of the country catching up to previously cutting edge areas like San Fransisco or Silicon Valley. Perhaps information tech and service jobs are the wave of the future, and some Americans are transitioning from manufacturing and traditional employment into newer fields.

It’s interesting, seeing as these were some of the spots that Sen. John Edwards was campaigning strongest with his anti-outsourcing message. Perhaps America’s rusting manufacturing areas could become the biggest beneficiaries of this new wave of corporate outsourcing.