Kazaa to Legally Distribute Bollywood Film

p. According to a News.com “(extlink)story”:http://rss.com.com/2100-1026_3-5106829.html “(extlink)Kazaa”:http://www.kazaa.com is working with a Bollywood movie house to legally distribute a film and its soundtrack. This is quite possibly one of the smartest (and most economically rewarding moves) that they could take.

Veggietales Custom CDs

p. “(extlink)JustMe!Music”:http://www.justmemusic.com/content/ has produced custom “(extlink)Veggietales”:http://www.veggietales.com CD’s with songs where the characters sing songs, directly mentioning children’s names. The greatest thing about this new product, however is the fact that with modern CD burning technology they can afford to stock over *650* names. Even more interestingly — if your name sounds the same as one ...

Cingular Wireless FastForward Feature

p. “(extlink)Cingular Wireless”:http://www.cingular.com has come up with a feature really helps to tie together cellular and landline phones. The “(extlink)FastForward”:http://www.cingular.com/beyond_voice/fastforward feature involves a small cradle/charger for your phone. While your phone is in the cradle, any calls to your mobile line can be forwarded to your landline automatically. Particularly useful inside old buildings like mine ...

Daily Devotional – 11/3

p. Today’s devotional was 1 Timothy 5:1-22 , Jeremiah 1-2 , Psalm 119:145-176 . Faith and charity seem to be the recurring themes today. Paul discusses proper treatment of widows, Jeremiah tells the story of Israel turning from God, and Psalms asks for God’s forgiveness and mercy.

Legoland searches for Master Builder

p. An article on: Wired News: Wanted: Master Lego Model Builder talks about Lego’s search for an additional master builder. bq. the “role of the master builder exists to offer design, build, repair and service functions to all models and animated features within LegoLand California and selected external locations.” p. Lego will be launching a ...