I have some photos of Chris dressed up for halloween in his aviator costume.

Extreme Pumpkins

Extreme Pumpkins had a bunch of variations on Jack-o-lanterns including my favorite, the puking pumpkin.


Hehe, originally uploaded by jayshao. Sometimes I swear, Chris just looks like he’s up to something…

New Baby Photos

I finally got around to doing a dump off the digital camera, and posted 30 or so new photos into [Chris’s online photo gallery](http://gallery.shao.org/Christian). He’s gotten to be quite active, creeping & crawling away. Hopefully I’ll have some new photos showing his new pastime of climbing on mommy and daddy soon. Enjoy!

Yahoo 360 First Impressions

I like Yahoo 360 for a lot of the same reasons I like my.yahoo. If you’re already using Yahoo services for photos, etc. it’s an easy way to share things with your friends and acquaintances. I don’t know how much it’ll appeal to the blogging community since there doesn’t currently seem to be as much ...