World Record: Most Intoxicated Man

The Star-Ledger covered a note about a Latvian man who was picked up with a blood-alcohol level of 7.22 PPM, approximately twice the level at which most people stop breathing (4.0). Even better was the hospital’s emergency ward head who ‘told reporters there was no record of anybody having survived such a dose, even in ...

Let’s Get Married when we’re 40

p. A “(extlink)Salon article”:http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2003/11/18/marriage_pacts/index.html (subscription or ad required) talks about the increasing prevalence of contingency plans where singles plan with friends of the opposite sex to be emergency wedding partners, when they get older.


p. The “(extlink)Menlo Park Mall”:http://www.simon.com/mall/default.aspx?ID=113 recently opened a “(extlink)Champps Americana”:http://www.champps.com . Lisa and I enjoyed a quick dinner very much, and will doubtless return again in the future.

Robots to Take Over US Economy by 2050?

Marshall Brain, the creater of the How Stuff Works website has written a piece discussing his belief that Humanoid Robots will take over the American Economy by 2050. His claim is that advances in robotics will produce humanoid robots that will increasingly replace humans at lower-income jobs due to their lower operating costs, producing millions ...