Gentoo Linux & MPlayer

I now have my Gentoo Linux setup almost completely functional. I’ve managed to get graphics, sound, and network sharing working. The only big tasks left are printing, and palm-pilot syncing. *ADDITION:* “MPlayer”:http://www.mplayer.hq is quite possibly the best media player I have ever seen. Both it’s ability to play almost any variety of media file that ...

Resume (Handcoded and all)

Just as an exercie I’ve been working on hand-coding my resume, trying to use the HTML(Hypertext Markeup Language) to more closely relate the semantic content, with CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) used to control the formatting. I have most of the HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) complete, and hope to finish the stylesheet coding by this weekend. When it ...

Gentoo, 8139too & Linux Kernel ACPI

p. Well, I finally have my “Gentoo”:http://www.gentoo.org Linux system up… mostly. I can connect to the Internet, I emerged builds of Gnome, KDE, and some apps like Evolution and Galeon. Getting everything configured and running (particularly ethernet) took a couple of days of futzing around and reading up on the “Gentoo Forums”:http://forums.gentoo.org

Robots to Take Over US Economy by 2050?

Marshall Brain, the creater of the How Stuff Works website has written a piece discussing his belief that Humanoid Robots will take over the American Economy by 2050. His claim is that advances in robotics will produce humanoid robots that will increasingly replace humans at lower-income jobs due to their lower operating costs, producing millions ...

Safari & Proxy Autoconfig

Dave Hyatt, who is currently working at Apple Computer on their Safari browser has asked for users “Top Ten Problems With Safari’s Web Page Display.” My issues so far are: