Happy Birthday Andy

Happy Birthday Andy. Even if your room is a Star Trek shrine, you’re still a pretty nice guy 😉

Parents day at SigEp is tomorrow

It should be interesting to meet everyone’s parents. CNBAM in Miami is coming up real soon as well. Also, invitations for the wedding went out recently, so if you got one… mail back the response card before I have to track you down… 😉

Snow, snow, and more snow

Snow this week has been unbelievable. My car was streetside parked, and it took me and Lisa almost 40 minutes to dig it out. (The first 5 minutes were actually pretty fun, just like playing in the snow as a little kid. 15 minutes later, when the snow plow came by and plowed me back ...

RUSH Rutgers Fraternities

RUSH is next week. Anyone who is interested in Fraternities at Rutgers should come check out SigEp

PT Test

Made it by the skin of my teeth on my run today. And damn, it was cold!!! weather.com said it was warmer than it was on Friday morning, but it really didn’t feel like it. Rounding the bend in Buccleauch Park, right after the apartments I could feel the wind blasting into my face and ...