In the begining…

This is the start of my new blog. I’ve heard a lot about working with Movable Type based systems, so I thought I’d like to give one a try. Hopefully we’ll see lots of information here, and it’ll stay reasonably current. For now, I’m going to keep this seperate from my jay.shao.org website where I ...

Nice Day Today

Lets hear it for nice weather. Such a relief compared to the last few weeks of snow, storms, and everything else. It seems like a good way to end Spring Break. ——–

Financial Management Slides

I’ve posted the slides from the ROTC class on financial management online here: financialmanagement.PPT for anyone who missed the class and who wanted to read up on the material. ——–

Ran myself through a PT Test today.

Event: Raw: Score:PU 67 96SU 76 97RU 15:42 63 Total Score: 256 That’s pretty much my personal all time high, so I’m pretty psyched about it. I’m a little disappointed that all the time spent running over the past couple of weeks hasn’t translated into a greater improvement in my run time, though. ——–

Had a good time seeing everyone at Andy’s

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a good time seeing everyone at Andy’s… even the strange veggie food place. Especially seeing Tejal & Ankur’s engagement pics and video… though I must say that you have far more patience with all that garb and the picture taking than I ever could. 🙂 ——–