SVN Vendor Branch Wrangling

So… working on doing a relatively small SVN vendor branch upgrade, and so far finding things much more difficult than it seems like they should be.

Problem 1: This was my fault — I checked in a vendor drop using `svn_load_dirs.pl` which had different line endings from my existing SVN tree. Of course, that resulted in a lot of diffs showing up. Fixed that by reimporting after setting the .svn/config file to also use native line endings, to hopefully resolve things. Which leads to:

Problem 2: Keywords – `$Id$`, `$URL$` don’t seem to be ignored by `svn merge` or `svn diff`. This results in the same problem I had with CVS — lots of single line conflicts because I imported from a different tag in the upstream repository, which of course changed all the URL values. Setting svn:keywords on the various files, and then rechecking them out seems to result in them being recognized and substituted in the checkout — but the `svn merge` still seems to be picking them up as conflicts… not sure where to go from here.

I want to like the SVN provided tools — svn merge in theory sounds like exactly what I want, but getting things to work right has certainly been frustrating.