Anti-war demonstrations

Something that amazes me is the emphasis the media gives Anti-war rallies due to their numbers. 100,000 people is a significant amount, mind you, however I note that organizations like Louis Farakhan, or Promisekeepers, or NOW can rally larger numbers in peacetime without gathering equivalent attention. Although 100,000 individuals is a non-insignificant number, in this ...

Nice Day Today

Lets hear it for nice weather. Such a relief compared to the last few weeks of snow, storms, and everything else. It seems like a good way to end Spring Break. ——–

Financial Management Slides

I’ve posted the slides from the ROTC class on financial management online here: financialmanagement.PPT for anyone who missed the class and who wanted to read up on the material. ——–

Not going to CNBAM

I’m not going to be able to make it to the CNBAM conference in Miami next week. 🙁 Unfortunately, I had some Army training which I won’t be able to miss. I trust our 2003-2004 Business Manager and Marketing Director will hold us in good stead as far as representing the Targum goes, though. Good ...

Ran myself through a PT Test today.

Event: Raw: Score:PU 67 96SU 76 97RU 15:42 63 Total Score: 256 That’s pretty much my personal all time high, so I’m pretty psyched about it. I’m a little disappointed that all the time spent running over the past couple of weeks hasn’t translated into a greater improvement in my run time, though. ——–