Anti-war demonstrations

Something that amazes me is the emphasis the media gives Anti-war rallies due to their numbers. 100,000 people is a significant amount, mind you, however I note that organizations like Louis Farakhan, or Promisekeepers, or NOW can rally larger numbers in peacetime without gathering equivalent attention. Although 100,000 individuals is a non-insignificant number, in this modern age of suberbia and mass-transit into urban centers, is it really as impressive a number as it would have been even 20 years ago? NYC draws not just on the population of the city itself, but that of surrounding areas in NJ, Long Island, etc.

I think part of the reason for the percieved liberal slant of the media is media’s emphasis on covering “what’s happening now” which has been translated into changes. Despite the fact that the status quo is an equally important part of the total picture, there’s a wide bias that if it’s not new, it’s not news.