Georgy for Governor

/. describes her as a “hottie” who uses Linux. Personally I think it sounds eerily like a potential plot for the next “Legally Blonde” movie. Though I solidly support the concept of grassroots political movements, I think that the reality of the world is that it’s very difficult to reach large number of voting people ...

Ran myself through a PT Test today.

Event: Raw: Score:PU 67 96SU 76 97RU 15:42 63 Total Score: 256 That’s pretty much my personal all time high, so I’m pretty psyched about it. I’m a little disappointed that all the time spent running over the past couple of weeks hasn’t translated into a greater improvement in my run time, though. ——–

New Personal Site

This is the new recently revised version of my personal site. While things are being worked around, if you’re intersted in my resume, it’s still available at: http://www.shao.org/jay/resume.html. More content will be following shortly.