Combining jUnit’s @Ignore and @AfterClass

Interesting – in jUnit 4.4 – combining @Ignore and @AfterClass (haven’t tried the other static’s like @BeforeClass) don’t seem to do what I’d expect – e.g. the @AfterClass annotated method seems to execute regardless.

[FIXED] Eclipse Issues with Clicking on Ubuntu/GNOME

For the last few months, have moved most of my work programming from the Mac to Ubuntu (first convenience via VMs, recently because I switched jobs and at the new employer it was that or Windows) which has mostly gone will, though there were some issues around Eclipse UI gotchas, notably: Sometimes buttons wouldn’t let ...

Loadtesting on EC2 – in all cloud++

Recently at work, had a need to rerun some load-testing numbers, but got stick since our internal servers all had builds we were looking at, or weren’t setup, or yada, yada… so we turned to EC2, with overall pretty positive results. Some background – we build a web-based portal application that runs on a lightweight ...

Compiling Java 1.6 projects using Maven on Mac OS X

Compiling Java 1.6 projects using Maven on Mac OS X This makes much sense (took a few minutes though) had my JVM defaulted to JDK 5 from Eclipse 3.4 which wouldn’t run on the 64-bit Java 6 VM – easy fix though – personally I prefer changing the symlinks in /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.Framework/ to point to the ...

More Google Wave Invites

Got another batch of Google Wave invites – drop me a line if you need them.