Daily Devotional – 11/5

p. Today’s devotional was 2 Timothy 1 , Jeremiah 5-6 , Psalm 121 . Paul discusses living your faith, and its rewards in spite of the consequences. Jeremiah speaks on God’s judgment. And Psalm 121 compares God’s majesty to the mightiest of his creations.

GNOME 2.4 Gentoo ebuild

I’ve been experimenting with “Gentoo Linux”:http://www.gentoo.org, and “GNOME 2.4”:http://www.gnome.org recently. I’ve also played around with “KDE”:http://www.kde.org somewhat. While on the surface I find KDE’s integration and the support of apps for common features like addressbook, etc to be quite appealing, I’ve actually found myself drifting back to GNOME for my day to day tasks. KDE ...

Gentoo Linux & MPlayer

I now have my Gentoo Linux setup almost completely functional. I’ve managed to get graphics, sound, and network sharing working. The only big tasks left are printing, and palm-pilot syncing. *ADDITION:* “MPlayer”:http://www.mplayer.hq is quite possibly the best media player I have ever seen. Both it’s ability to play almost any variety of media file that ...

Snow, snow, and more snow

Snow this week has been unbelievable. My car was streetside parked, and it took me and Lisa almost 40 minutes to dig it out. (The first 5 minutes were actually pretty fun, just like playing in the snow as a little kid. 15 minutes later, when the snow plow came by and plowed me back ...

Films and Books

I just inserted sections on films and books that I’ve read or viewed recently. I will most likely be updating those sections rather infrequently, but there are so many good books and other works out there, that I just had to plug a few that have caught my eye.